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Fitbit & The Recruit - Surging For Performance

Fitbit has partnered with The Recruit to help show people how to lead healthier, more active lives. The Fitbit Surge was the official fitness tracker if the series and was used by the Recruit team to help the coaches, training staff and the recruits themselves monitor physical performance across the series. Working closely with production, the sponsorship has proved instrumental in providing data, inspiration and guidance to help each of the recruits reach their fitness goals. The accompanying digital content has been designed to take viewers along on this fitness journey. ‘Surging for Performance’ is a five part series, created to help empower people to get fit, with help from a few of the Recruit experts along the way. This content series educates viewers on sleep and recovery, keeping active and eating smarter and all showcase various features of the Fitbit Surge along the way. To view more content from this exciting campaign head to: