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FOX8 | Village Roadshow - Rampage Channel Ident

Integration of the FOX8 logo into the trailer vision to promote the release of Village Roadshow's latest release, Rampage. A gorilla footprint in the original trailer was replaced for the FOX8 logo for seamless integration.

FOOD Ident - Hundreds and Thousands

LifeStyle FOOD Ident with a cast of hundreds and thousands.

FOOD Ident - Eggs

LifeStyle FOOD Ident - to make an Ident, you've got to break a few eggs.

FOOD Ident - Dough

LifeStyle FOOD Ident - this is the 'Dough' one.... gets a bit cheeky...

FOX 8, Comedy Channel, Channel [V]: Feel The Moment Image Spot

The 2014 summer campaign for Channel [V], FOX 8, and Comedy Channel. This years summer campaign takes the audience on an epic journey asking them, "What would you do if you could live summer over and over again, on a constant 3 month loop?". The campaign seamlessly integrates partners Hungry Jack's and JEEP into the narrative across FOXTEL's biggest youth oriented channels.